REMS 150017 - Ex-Press Cu Expander Set (REGULAR PRICE $716.00)

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REMS Ex-Press Cu - For making sockets yourself!

  • 6-face mandrel for even and concentric expanding
  • Extra long segments result in extra long sockets for perfect tube connections according to DVGW
  • Expander heads with calibration neck, fit other makes as well
  • Hand tube expander for tube installations without fittings
  • Soft copper tubes Ø 8–42 mm, 3⁄8–11⁄8", s ≤ 1.5 mm, soft aluminium tubes, soft precision steel tubes, Ø 8–42 mm, 3⁄8–11⁄8", s ≤ 1.2 mm, soft stainless steel tubes Ø 8–42 mm, 3⁄8–11⁄8", s ≤ 1mm
  • Expander drive, expander heads
  • In sturdy steel case
  • Set 3⁄8-1⁄2-5⁄8-3⁄4-7⁄8-11⁄8"
  • Made in Germany