Welcome to Teal Corporation, exclusive North American importer of REMS tools.


1909: Since its foundation in 1909 REMS has been developing products for pipe working, especially for plumbing and heating installers. Initially, hand tools, then subsequently machines, and electric and battery powered tools. The stipulation of the company founder Christian Föll “REMS must be superior” has always been the benchmark for our actions. Today, REMS is a leading manufacturer of machines and tools for pipe working and is available in over 100 countries.

Made in Germany: The REMS production plant is located in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, in the center of Germany’s high-tech industrial region. World class equipment and facilities are utilized for research and development, production, and quality control. In addition, there is a very long tenured staff of highly qualified employees, who in part represent the 4th generation of service at REMS. Thru many years of experience and education they have acquired the special level of knowledge and expertise and have implemented systems that are essential for the manufacture of quality products.

Technical Advantage: REMS products are highly valued because of their innovative technology as well as their high standards of quality and are used all over the globe. REMS maintains its position at the forefront of technical progress because of its innovative products. Many national and international patents validate this. An important cornerstone for the quality and durability of REMS tools is laid in their own heat treatment shop. There, they use proprietary processes. Many decades of experience have provided important knowledge and along with the best in German engineering contribute to the the secrets of REMS quality tools.

Market Strength: REMS’ basis for market strength is technically advanced and high-quality products as well as a product range tightly concentrated on high turnover units and highly competitive prices thanks to the rational, efficient in-house production.


Strong business relationship with REMS: TEAL has very successfully maintained its business relationship with REMS for many years. We at TEAL are proud to be the exclusive importer of REMS tools in North America and do our best every day to honor the brand.

Service and technical advice: For any REMS tool need or questions TEAL is your contact. You are quickly able to speak directly with a human and avoid aggravating and seemingly endless menus.

Our team at TEAL is highly responsive and with the full support of the REMS headquarters in Germany will be happy to answer any question.

Tool service and maintenance are executed quickly and efficiently with the highest grade of customer satisfaction.

Stock and fast shipments: TEAL is constantly monitoring stock of all products including accessories and spare parts. We understand the impact of down time and orders generally ship the same day so there is no delay in receiving your product.

Industry experience: TEAL’s employees have decades of experience serving the fields of plumbing, heating, HVAC, and industry as well as many others. We draw on this expertise to do our very best to recommend suitable solutions for your needs. We never, ever lose sight of the fact that we are here to serve our customers!