REMS 151005 - Hurrican H Set

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REMS Hurrican H - for making T-branches yourself.  Inexpensive.  Also on tubes already installed.

  • No costs for T-pieces, storage, procurement.  Savings in soldering joints, pressing joints and working hours.  Higher safety by fewer tube joints. 
  • Compact, handy, light.  Can be used anywhere, free-hand, on pipes already installed.  Drill head for exact drilling start without center punching, drilling depth stop according to size of the T-outlet.  Limitation of insertion depth to avoid obstruction by using the dimpling pliers.  Handy gripping tongs for fixing the tool holder on the pipe, as an accessory. 
  • Drive with conventional electric drill.
  • Special design of extractor tools facilitate even and smooth material deformation without burrs and notches.  Therefore no secondary treatment required.
  • Usable with standard ratchet or electric drill and hexegon socket 11 mm or with spanner. 

INCLUDES:  Hand tube extractor for hard and soft copper tubes 10-22mm, 3/8-7/8", s < 1.5mm.  Tool holder, drill head, dimpling pliers, lubricant.  Extractor tools for tubes in mm or inch.  In sturdy case.