REMS 347002 - Roll Grooving Attachment R 535 (2"-6") PLEASE CALL TO ORDER 952-432-8325

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REMS roll grooving attachment – compact – universal!

  • Proven REMS grooving rollers with perfectly size-adjusted pressure rollers and counterpressure rollers with well gripping axial knurls guarantee a secure rotation of the pipe and a precise grooving
  • Grooving rollers easily interchangeable
  • Built-in ring gauge for pre-setting of groove depth
  • Only one roll grooving attachment for REMS Magnum and REMS Tornado
  • Grooving pipes of pipe coupling systems 1–6" (sched. 40), 8–12" (sched. 20)
  • Complete with hydraulic hand pump and 1 set of 2–6" grooving rollers (pressure roller, counterpressure roller)
  • Fits to Ridgid Model 535
  • Grooving attachments for other machines on request
  • Grooving rollers for stainless steel on request
  • German quality product