REMS 347006 - Collum RG Roll Groover (2"-6")

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REMS Collum RG – electrical roll grooving up to 12".

  • Fast and economical feed of the pressure roller with oil-hydraulic pressure cylinder
  • Roll grooving device with drive machine only 31 kg (68 lbs)
  • Choice of 3 drive units
  • Roll grooving attachment for grooving pipes of pipe coupling systems 1–6" (sched. 40), 8–12" (sched. 20)
  • Roll grooving attachment, hydraulic hand pump, built-in ring gauge for automatic groove-depth-stop, 1 pair of groove rollers (pressure roller, counter-pressure roller) 2 – 6", Allen key
  • With maintenance- free gear, powerful universal motor, safety switch
  • For workbench, stand or wheel stand
  • Universal motor 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 1200 W, overload protection. 29 min-1
  • German quality product

*Stand in the pictures is not included, view stand options here.