REMS 115001 - Push INOX Hand Pressure Testing Pump (860 PSI)

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REMS Push - Reliable pressure hold!

  • Robust, job site-proven metal design
  • Corrosion resistant, powder coated or stainless steel reservoir for 12 l content
  • Wear resistant pressure piston in brass, Ø 30 mm
  • Double valve system for reliable pressure built-up
  • High pumping capacity with long stroke, fine pressure adjustment with short stroke
  • Distortion resistant lever, doubles as carrying handle
  • High pressure hose with fabric ply prevents measurement errors
  • Hand pressure testing pump for pressure and tightness testing of piping systems and receptacles, p ≤ 60 bar, 860 psi
  • Complete with pressure gauge, p ≤ 60 bar, 860 psi, 1.5 m (5 feet) high pressure hose with 1/2"-connector
  • As REMS Push but with 12 ltr stainless steel tank