REMS 130002 - Eskimo C02 Pipe Freezing Set

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REMS Eskimo - freezing instead of draining!

  • Super fast up to 2"
  • Refrigerant carbon dioxide with high refrigerating capacity to –79°C (–110 F)
  • Direct flow of the refrigerant onto the pipe ensure extremely short freezing times, e.g. 3⁄4" steel pipe in only 5 min
  • No adjustment. The correct amount of refrigerant is automatically supplied
  • Very small, highly flexible, indestructible freeze collars
  • Rapid assembly
  • For operating even in tight spots and nitches
  • Flexible, buckling-resistant and fracture proof high-pressure hoses
  • Clamping screws cannot get lost
  • Unbreakable brass injector
  • For use with CO2 dip tube cylinder
  • Without draining water lines, sprinkler or hot water systems
  • Pipe freezer for steel, copper, plastic pipes, multi-layer composite tubes Ø 1⁄8–2", 10–60 mm
  • 10 pairs of freeze collars for the complete work range, bottle connector with T-distributor, closing nut, 2 handle pieces with injector, 2 high-pressure hoses
  • In sturdy case
  • Made in Germany