REMS 175200 - Akku LED Lamp

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REMS cordless LED lamp – lights everywhere.

  • Practical, ultra light hand and standing lamp for lighting up the work place
  • For battery and mains operation
  • Ultra light hand and standing lamp
  • LED technology with high brilliance
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip
  • Battery compartment integrated into the handle
  • Li-Ion 14.4 V batteries or power supply for mains operation in place of Li-Ion
  • Electronic charging status check with low discharge protection
  • Practical, foldout hanging device
  • Lamp head continuously tiltable by 145° for better illumination
  • Operating time with 14.4 V, 1,5 Ah, approximately 9 hours
  • Operating time with 14.4 V, 3,0 Ah, approximately 18 hours
  • 14.4 V battery sold separately (as seen in images)