REMS 183600 - Titan Stand for Core Drills

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REMS Titan

  • Robust, highly stable drilling stand for core drilling in steel-reinforced concrete and other materials up to Ø 300 mm
  • For high demands
  • Drill column made of rigid, unbendable square precision steel tube Ø 50 mm, with extra narrow tolerance, for low-vibration guiding of the slide
  • Continuously tiltable with degree scale up to 45°, with double support by adjustable, single-part steel girders, for maximum thrust pressure
  • Highly stable, 3-sided guidance of the drill column in the base plate and triple cross fastening for high rigidity in vertical drilling
  • 4 Eyebolts for levelling unevenness of the floor, for exact standing position
  • Drill depth scale
  • Slide guided on all sides by adjustable, pretensioned plastic slide bearings
  • Precision in-feed drive ensures easy, low-vibration drilling and precise, low-vibration drill thrust
  • For high thrust pressure and long life of the drilling crowns
  • Spirit level integrated in the slide for exact alignment of the drill stand
  • Locking of the slide for simple assembly of the drilling crown and safe transport
  • Rigid connection plate made of wear-resistant spheroidal iron
  • Quick-clamping device for accommodating drive units with a suitable connection plate
  • Highly stable clamping bracket, unbendable and rigid, for accommodating drive units with Ø 60 mm clamping throat
  • Rack and pinion force transmission with ergonomically designed pressing lever which can be inserted in both sides of the slide
  • Wide steel rack
  • Base plate with groove for sealing ring of the vacuum fastening. Vacuum fastening as accessory
  • Drill column with adjustable clamping head for clamping the drill stand between the ceiling and floor or between two walls
  • Mobile drill stand for easy transport Weight 19.5 kg (43 lbs)
  • With tools, consisting of Allen key size 6, single open ended wrench size SW 19 and SW 30 and fastening kit for masonry and concrete, consisting of 2 M12 splaying anchors, 10 M12 hammer anchors for concrete, setting iron for M12 hammer anchors, cord threaded bar M12 × 65, quick clamping nut, washer in box
  • System advantage: For REMS Picus S1, REMS Picus S3, REMS Picus SR, REMS Picus S2/3,5 and other makes
  • Use spacer set (see accessories) when using with Picus SR
  • Made in Germany


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