REMS 581310 - Bending and Back Former (28 mm, 3/4" IPS, R114)

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Bending formers and back formers - Accessories for REMS Curvo 50, REMS Curvo, REMS Akku-Curvo 22V and REMS Sinus

  • Bending formers and back formers, 180°, form and pressure resistant, in high-strength, high-slide, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide 90° (Ø 35 R100, Ø 42 R140, Ø 50 R135, Ø 1" R100, Ø 11⁄4" R140)
  • Optimum matching of bending former and back former guarantees material-compatible gliding without cracks and creases
  • Angle scale provided on each bending former and mark on the back former ensure precise bending
  • Rapid change of bending formers and back formers
  • For fitment, refer to Bending and Back Formers Chart PDF below


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